Grandma Betty’s More than Fabulous Steak Tip Marinade

This recipe doubles and triples easily and works marinated for an hour or up to a day.  Any longer and the olive oil starts to congeal and it creeps me out but still tastes fine. I usually use steak tips or flank steak.  The recipe doesn’t specify how much steak to use, I just guess.  I probably use one batch of marinade to 3 lbs of steak. Careful when you put it on the grill, the flames get huge!

1/2 cup oil
cup soy sauce
4 t 
worcestershire sauce
2 T 
red wine vinegar
2 t dry mustard
3/4 t salt (I use a bout 1/4 of that)
1 t 
black pepper (I add more because I like pepper and I’ll add some crushed red pepper too)
1 t parsley
Garlic  (no one’s ever told me how much, I just sprinkle it in and guess)
2 T lemon juice


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